Nye Jones

Designer & Founder


The Story Behind

Nye Jones Design started through accidental circumstances, I had never thought about being a graphic/web designer before even though all signs pointed to it.

One of my mates was starting his own business and needed a brand creating, seen as I had a strong knowledge in graphic design and most Adobe software (Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, etc.) he said he would pay me to do it for him. I did some research and expanded my knowledge on the phycology and marketing of branding. A week later The Brand Was Born.

Not long after another friend who had seen my previous work asked me to build a brand with a website, then an associate of theirs enquired about my “services”, then another and another…

All while doing this realising that I have quite a strong passion for creating brands, which lead to a friend asking me “Why aren’t you doing this full time? You’re good at this”.

I educated myself further through online courses and endless research, to make sure that I was giving my full potential to my clients. 6 months later I put my skills out and landed my first official client and as they say. The Rest, Is History.

What Inspires Me

Abstract • Simplistic Design • Elegance

Dedicated to the Cause

As a small business owner I know how stressful it can be getting started with gaining new clients, building your online presence and standing out from the masses. Thats where I come in, I help euntrepenours and business owners develop all aspects of design for a successful brand launch or rebranding.

Nye Jones Design was founded through Hard Work and Dedication, I employ the exact same energy with my clients.

I like to working with like minded people who are striving to improve their business and brand in all ways imaginable. People that are prepared to give as much input needed to complete any task for the future of their business.

We would be a good fit if...

You don’t take yourself too seriously but know when its time to handle your Sh*t 

You have a deep seated passion and devotion for the future of your business.

You’re looking to create a Simplistic, High Class, Stylish online presence.


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